Sunday, 6 November 2011

Remember, remember the 5th of November

 This years Guy Fawkes night seemed to have a comic related theme- The book ' V for Vendetta' Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd centers around the 5th of November and makes a new twist on the Guy Fawkes story. Now with with all the global protests and people adopting the 'V for vendetta' masks as a symbol of resistance against oppressive governments there was much discussion today about the book and the film.
   If you haven't already seen the film of the book here is a wee clip, it's brilliant;

and the book;
 more info here, but take my word for it, its genius.

Some people marched on parliament today wearing these masks. You will see them across the world at all sorts of protests.
(BBC picture )

When i first started hanging out with comic creators i didn't really know who was who and hadn't read much outside of 2000ad. So I was at Bristol Comic Expo and went into a bar with some folks and was sat next to a nice gentleman in a white suit. He asked to see the sketchbook full of fan sketches I'd been collected and asked if it was okay if he did one.

It was of course David Lloyd who I am happy to know much better now. He is not only a wonderful artist, and a gentleman, but very active in promoting comics education. He was scheduled to guest at Hi-Ex one year but jury duty thwarted the plan. 

I am one of the organisers of our local community bonfire night. Today I was late to go down and help build the bonfire as i was too busy online debating aspects of Guy Fawkes night and the protest movement ( we all know the perils of internet debates ! ).

When i got to the bonfire site I had the task of unwrapping , stacking and ordering the fire works for the display before myself and 3 others lit them. Imagine my amusement when i saw this firework;

Anyone who thinks Comics are silly, childish, irrelevant or trashy, is sadly missing out on a very important aspect of our vibrant, dynamic and evolving culture. 

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