Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Doctor Who: Serpent Crest Pt2 The Broken Crown

This picks up immediately at the end of the previous AudioGo story, Tsar Wars, with the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey lost somewhen in the past. 
We quickly find out when they have arrived, and hard on the heels of this information, the adventure unfolds around them.
This one has a delightful Dickensian feel to it, and there is a nice atmosphere to everything.
As always, Baker is extraordinary in the role. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and there were time that I wondered, knowing Baker’s public persona as I do, if there were places where he was ad-libbing.
Most of the cast are fantastic, but they are let down a bit by some stiff acting from the younger members of the cast, although they manage to sell the big moments well enough when they are required.
The story is narrated by Gus Harvey, who plays one of the children, and he does very well, although sometimes the language he uses seems far beyond that of a ten year old boy.
This is the second in a series of adventures, and for a long time I was wondering how and why, and indeed if, this story was connected to the one that had went before. But connected it is in quite a clever way, and one that I really should have spotted. And as we know, these are the best kind of plot twists.
As with Tsar Wars, this one ends with a cliff-hanger, one that for my money is even better than the previous one, and demands you listen on.

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