Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Doctor Who: Serpent Crest Pt3 Aladdin Time

This is the third in the Serpent’s Crest series from AudioGo, starring the amazing Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor.
I think, before we get to the story itself, that this is the most remarkable thing about this. Baker, after all his years away from Who, seems to have embrace the role as fully as he did when playing it on television.
It is all too easy to imagine his wide eyed stare and mischievous grin as he delivers the lines. And as I said previously, some of the lines sound very much like Baker adlibs. Apologies to Paul Magrs, the writer of this series, if I’m way off in this!
Anyway, The title may be a groan inducing pun, but this is a fun packed adventure. It is lighter in tone than the two stories that  preceded it.
As the name suggests, it is based around the Aladdin story. Magrs plays it well too, with the Doctor’s reactions to everything helping to steer the narrative away from what could so easily have been cliché.
Worth a special mention is the very Who spin he gives on one of the staples of the Aladdin story. Here, the magic carpet is something that will definitely bring a smile to the face of any listener.
Likewise, the magic lamp is also subverted, although to be honest, I had been paying attention throughout the previous episodes so guessed this one.
What I did not guess, though, was how this story ended. It doesn’t have quite the cliff-hanger ending the others had, but even so, I’d say it is an ending that intrigues the listener even more than the others…

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