Sunday, 13 March 2011

Torchwood Ghost Train review

I sure that most of us can agree that the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood is rather hit and miss. And if we are really honest, it misses more than it hits, although the most recent series, Children of Earth, was very good stuff.
So, it was with some trepidation that I listened to this Audio Go adventure.
The story is read by Kai Owen, who plays Rhys, the long suffering husband of Gwen, in the series. I’m pleased to report that he is very good at it- although his American accent, when he’s doing Captain Jack, is a bit off.
It’s doubly nice that he is reading this particular tale- as Rhys is the main character in the story. There’s a nice through thread as every now and again something crazy happens as he meets Gwen or one of the other Torchwood staff and we see briefly whatever alien invasion they happen to be dealing with at that particular time.
Meanwhile, Rhys is conducting his on investigation into a seemingly mundane mystery at the haulage firm he works for. But of course, we all know that it is not quite as run of the mill as he first thinks.
Things build nicely in the tale, and the second part in particular is very strongly written and well plotted.
Well worth a listen.

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