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John Hicklenton's 100 Months - now on ebook

John Hicklenton's 100 Months was certainly the most powerful book I have read in the past few years. You can read the full review of it HERE. Cutting Edge Press have just released the book on ebook format, and if you have nor got it already, I urge you to do so now. You will not regret it.

And even if you have bought it before- this ebook version is worth a look, as it has some wonderful extras- including some astounding and powerful unused images from 100 Months. There is also an autobiographical strip there, which is as honest, brutal and downright moving as you expect from someone as honest, brutal and downright moving as Johnny.

Published on the first anniversary of his death, in tribute to JOHN HICKLENTON, one of the world’s greatest comic book artists
john hicklenton
100 months
Foreword by Pat Mills

18 March 2011   eBook £14.99
Original Hardback £19.99

GRAPHIC NOVEL, Here’s Johnny

Dark, terrifying and brilliant’ - Simon Pegg

100 MONTHS is a heartbreaking final vision: one man going head to head with death, and with Death, and with life.  I felt lucky to be allowed to read it and fortunate that Johnny made it for us before he left.  It lingers and it haunts, and, ultimately, affirms.’ - NEIL GAIMAN

100 Months takes all of Hicklenton’s passion and his fire and his beautiful, dark, disturbing imagery and blasts it across these landscaped, fully painted, panel-less pages...100 Months
is a beautifully brutal and blood-stained piece of wondrous poetry, illustrated by someone
who was taken from us too soon, with far more to say than he was ever allowed in this life.’
It is, as you’d expect, breathtaking.  If you’re a fan of Hicklenton’s work, you’ll maybe have an idea of what to expect, but he manages to surpass any expectations.  There are images where Mara travels across a landscape of bones and twisted bodies that stop the reader in their racks... It is not comfortable reading.  It’s not supposed to be.’ - HI EX!
‘These are Johnny Hicklenton final words – and what words!  Along with his trademark brutal, visceral draughtsmanship 100 Months both sickens and intrigues with its blend of classical symbology and modern anxieties... the narrative hits each page like a hammer blow.’
 - JUDGE DREDD Megazine

‘...epic, blood-soaked and brave’ - BIZARRE, Book of the Month

100 Months is a simply stunning work of the visual imagination, one which transcends
the medium of the graphic novel to produce a genuine masterpiece for these end of days.  Highly recommended.’ – BLACK STATIC

‘It is his magnum opus – his wonderful fevered imagination let loose in a final orgiastic flourish
of beautifully tortured barbaric images.’ - COMIC HEROES

‘The artistry on display here is truly breathtaking.  Almost disturbingly beautiful, it is often difficult to look at such macabre imagery knowing it came from the mind and imagination of a dying man.’ – ALTERNATIVE MAGAZINE ONLINE

‘Hicklenton has always been a master of the macabre, but the bleak and horrific imagery in
this book are absolutely beautiful in their darkness, even for him.   It really is a vision of Hell
put onto paper and it’s definitely a book you will go back to multiple times to pour over the imagery...  A true work of disturbingly beautiful art by a man who leaves the world a little
less interesting by his passing.’ - GEEK SYNDICATE

‘ honest book, a passionate book and a disturbing book. It is illustrated using immense talent, great love and unforgiving anger; a book faced with a true deadline, literally, placed upon it.’ - CRIKEY!

‘...a monument to one man’s Love, Hope and self-belief and to that most important trait -
the refusal to compromise your art.’ - FORCES OF GEEK

 ‘starkly beautiful and apocalyptic... recalling Goya at his darkest.’ – DOWNTHETUBES

‘...the crowning achievement of a brilliant career, a true graphic novel that engages ultimate themes of life, death and salvation’ – EDITION

JOHN HICKLENTON was born in Guildford in 1967 and spent the last years of his life in Brighton.  He is best-known for his work on the titles 2000 AD, Nemesis the Warlock and Heavy
Metal Dredd. 
His brutal, visceral draughtsmanship radicalised the ‘Judge Dredd’ character and rejuvenated the 2000 AD stable.  He was diagnosed with MS in 2000, and took his own life on
19 March 2010, aged 42.  His life, work and illness are the subject of the Animal Monday documentary Here’s Johnny, which was broadcast on More4 and was the first film to win two Grierson awards. 

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