Thursday, 10 March 2011

Doctor Who Lucie Miller review

Ah, now this review is going to be a challenge.
It is going to be very difficult to get through this without the review just being a gibbering series of disjoined exclamations of things like ‘Awesome!’ ‘Brilliant!’ ‘Genius!’ and the like.
Yes, it is really that good.
The Eighth Doctor series has been consistently high standard throughout, but this story raises the bar even higher yet.
So- what makes this one so good?
And in that question lies the problem! As you should know by now, I don’t do spoilers- even little ones- in these reviews, so that will make it difficult to talk about some of the very cool things that happen in this story, but I’ll try.
Firstly, there is very little of The Doctor in it. This means that the rest of the cast get to stretch their wings a bit and get into the meat of the plot, and watching them try to cope with horrendous life and world changing events without him there makes for some very good drama, with one character in particular going in a direction that is most unexpected.
In fact, I’ll deal with the main plot here. It is as audacious as it is clever. To think you could get away with doing it is one thing… but to actually do it and succeed is astonishingly impressive.
Then something happens about halfway through the story… and it was lucky I was listening to this alone in the car, because I suspect most people would have been shocked when I shouted a very bad swear word at the player when it happened. And I am bursting to say what it was (the thing in the story that is, not the swear word) but it is just too good a dramatic twist to spoil in any way.
And to cap all this excitement it ends on the mother of all cliff-hangers.
It may be hyperbole to say this is the best Big Finish audio I have listened to- but it’s damned close.

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