Monday, 28 March 2011

Moon #1 review

 I didn’t know what to expect from this book, especially after reading the description from the creators:

In the year 12AD a group of Celtic Druids attempted to summon the Moon to Earth and bind it into human form, an eternal guardian to defend our isle from all who would do her wrong. 2000 years later and he’s still doing that job: suited, booted and ready to investigate any crime deemed too strange for the regular police. A detective story like no other, Moon is the tale of one astral body’s quest for revenge, justice and shandy!

So, onto the comic itself…
This episode starts of in an unusual way, with the first scenes being set in Ancient Britain, where we get to see the ‘creation’ (for want of a better word), of our titular character. This is a fun scene with some nice bantery (yes it is a word... well, it is now) dialogue between the characters.
Fast forward to the present day and we meet Mr Moon again in his job as an agent for a Mysterious Government Department.
Being the first issue of this (hopefully long running) series, there is a certain amount of introductory material to get through, but this is quickly steamrollered out of the way by a complex and exciting action sequence.
This part in particular impressed me a great deal. Artist Steve Penfold demonstrated an understanding of drawing action in the first issue of Fallen Heroes, but his work here is even better. The weaknesses I observed in his Fallen Heroes work all but gone here. There are some very ambitious panels that he manages to pull off, and the art is complemented nicely by some good colouring from Ivanna Mitalla .
Scripting is good too- with a clear narrative and some nice dialogue and jokes that actually work from script writer Dan Thompson. Writing a silent lead character with a moon for a head is quite a task to give yourself, but the creative team here manage to pull it off.
I did have a couple of problems… well not really problems, but questions. But I’m sure these questions will be addressed and/or answered in future issues, so I’m happy to let them pass for the time being.
Future issues? Well, we are promised another instalment- but really, as with all Small Press/Independent comic releases, this all depends on you- yes YOU- the paying customer.
So, what I’m ordering you to do is buy it!

And you can get it HERE.

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