Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Walking Dead gets a second season!

We didn't get around to reviewing the first episode, so here's a brief one (with spoilers!):
It was brilliant. The opening scene- a long silent section that ending with the hero shooting a child (albeit a dead one) in the face- certainly set the scene for the grimness that was to follow.
There were many highlights- Morgan's terrible heartbreak as he watches his dead wife through the sights of a gun and the astonishingly tense sequence where Rick was caught below a tank and feeling pity for half a corpse as it dragged itself across the grass to name but a few. It's great to see scenes from a comic come to life in such a perfect fashion, and equally as pleasurable to see scenes changed- but for the better.
Roll on the rest of the season.

And more good news follows, as The Hollywood Reporter, er, reports that it has been given a second season!

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