Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Dandridge Interview! Exclusive!

Dr Spartacus Dandridge has just embarked on a new adventure in the pages of 2000AD.
The good Doctor was kind enough to take a few moments from his bust schedule to speak to us here at HiEx.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Doctor Dandridge.

You’re most welcome.

Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Certainly. My name is Doctor Spartacus Dandridge. Those who know me well might accurately describe me as a man of fashion, a man of letters and, of course, a man of science. I am also ghosthunter by appointment to His Majesty Edward VII. Or at least I was. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I presently find myself - sans corpus - in the year 1981.
I understand my world differs quite significantly from your own, so allow me a moment to explain. In my world, the spiritualists of Victoria’s age developed a means of harnessing the psychokinetic energy (that’s ‘PKE’ to the layman) produced by ghosts, spectres, wraiths and so on. Certain captured ghosts became regarded as valued antiques, while ectoplasm or ‘white gold’ was soon employed as a fuel alternative.
While I tragically departed this life in 1905, I understand the development of ecto-technology continued apace and the empire has prospered well into the decade in which I find myself now. The cultural specifics of the 1980s elude me at present. However, I must say expectations of attire and of conduct befitting a gentleman appear to have fled before the dawn!

The last time the readers met you, you died! How’s that working out for you? And how did you find your way back into 2000 AD?

Death, I would hardly recommend! Now, before I explain how I came to record my engagements for the benefit of 2000 AD, you must understand that times are hard in my own world, and funds remain scarce. I was therefore compelled to contact Mr. Tharg the Mighty, who promptly began bellowing at me from the other end of his dimensional telephone. How had I gotten hold of his number? How would I like a ‘Rigellian Hotshot’ for my troubles, and so on? I calmly pointed out that it was me who had cleared up an infected chakra for him a while back and how unfortunate it might be if the circumstances of the affair were communicated to the terran newspapers.
Following several hours of intense negotiation, he finally agreed to pay me for my contributions. However, I fear I ended up somewhat short-changed. I was hoping for a biographer of quality, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Mills or perhaps that young fellow who looks like a lumberjack. Sadly, the recessionary pressures currently affecting your world forced me to make certain… allowances.

What do you think of your biographers, Worley and Pleece?

I’m sorry? Pleece? Yes, I must say, I rather like them. ‘Walking on the Moon’ was especially good…

No, Warren Pleece?

Oh. Well, I read it years ago. Dreadfully long-winded…


Oh, forgive me! This is a terrible line. Yes, Warren Pleece. Worked on several terran comics of note, I understand, including ‘Hellblazer’, ‘The Invisibles’, and ‘Life Sucks’. As a long-standing patron of the arts, it is with no small amount of pride that I have him aboard as my co-biographer. In fact, I believe he and his brother Gary are currently engaged at the ‘That’s Novel!’ exhibition at the London Print Studio. (

And Mr. Worley?

As I mentioned before, one has had to make certain ‘allowances’ as part of my current arrangement with 2000 AD. Mr. Worley’s involvement unfortunately being one of them. As I have explained to Tharg on several occasions, Mr. Worley is annoyingly prone to tantrums, crying, and hurling himself across the furniture screaming ‘leave me alone’, ‘I hate you’ and so on. While such gothic outbursts may be tolerated coming from a teenage girl with an enthusiasm for the works of Ms. Stephenie Meyer, it is rather less becoming in a 36-year-old man resembling a poorly attired Liverpudlian soccer player.

Do you think they do you justice in their depiction of you?

Mr. Pleece, certainly. Worley, however, lacks a certain refinement. Incidentally, if you ever meet Mr. Patrick Mills, can you please give him my card and ask him to call me…

What kind of japes can we expect from you in 2000 AD?

Japes? On the contrary, my engagements are of the utmost seriousness! Look here, I really don’t want it to be presumed that I am here to amuse readers. I aim to bring a sense of dignity and decorum to their favourite publication. A cursory glance over recent issues of 2000 AD only emphasises my point. Any editor who allows tramps to become undercover detectives, zombies to trample the Tower of London, and overmuscled Irishmen to run amok in kilts has clearly taken leave of his senses! However, that Russian laddie has a marvellous sense of style.

Can we expect any further adventures from you?

Indeed you can. Mr. Worley is currently penning another engagement as we speak, at least he was when I left him a moment ago. He may have sneaked out again to visit his friend at some sinister dwelling he refers to only as ‘Gregg’s’.

I need a new pair of shoes. Can you give me any advice?

Avoid plimsolls at all costs. Too many young people these days are told such items are ‘hip’ and ‘practical’. They are, however, merely unnecessary. The man of affairs maintains an unhurried pace in the face of any peril. For this reason, two dozen pairs of classic brogues are a base requirement for any supernatural investigator’s wardrobe. While the brogue has, in my opinion, become somewhat ‘modernised’ since Edward’s day, the Chelsea boot affords a sublime alternative. These allow an investigator to maintain a dashing air of command, whether engaged in a particularly messy exorcism or seated in the wingback chair of his occult library.

Dr. Dandridge, thank you for your time.

A pleasure.

Episode 1 of 5 of DANDRIDGE: RETURN OF THE CHAP begins in 2000 AD # 1710 – out now. For further details, visit the 2000 AD website or Dr. Dandridge’s blog.

We would like to extend our thanks to Mr Alec Worley, who made this unique interview possible.

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  1. Well Mr Dandridge the chronicalling of your escapades by Mr Worley portray you in a very favourable light,I for one shall stick around to see the outcome.Toodle pip.