Saturday, 6 November 2010

Liam Sharp on Dredd

Many Thanks to Liam Sharp for this preview of his INCREDIBLE artwork for Judge Dredd. He is currently working on a Dredd story which will be out at Christmas. He told us:

"The Christmas story features several very well-known actors from a long-running movie franchise that often gets airplay on Boxing Day...

Naturally all with a typical 2000ad twinkle, delivered by myself and Al Ewing. It's old-school darkly comic Dredd. Great fun. "

The above digitally painted pin up will also appear as part of an interview and feature in the Judge Dredd Megazine.

Liam first appeared in 2000AD in the 1980s. He was often compared to Simon Bisley due to his lavish painted style, However Liam has gone on to show an incredible versatility of talent way beyond the rash of clones at the time. He set up his own Publishing company MamTor™ with Christina Sharp in 2004 (thanks, Mike!), showcasing and developing a range of emerging comics talent. He has also penned a couple of books and continued to produce awesome high profile art work for films, games and books.

Hi Ex 2008 charity auction included some of Liam's original art work which he kindly donated.

See more about his work here.

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  1. Rich - think Mam Tor was 2004, not 1994 ...