Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Zombies Hi - part 5 out now!

The much anticipated fifth issue of the "Zombies Hi" series has been released as of Friday the 13th April and is now available from our online Uproar Store, or from one of our stockists across the UK and Ireland. Please check their blog page for stockist info.

 They also offer an "Intro" pack of the first five issues at a reduced price with some complimentary Zombies Hi merchandise.

Uproar Comics are a small press Derry/Londonderry based collective. They have combined their efforts into producing a monthly comic titled "Zombies Hi". Based within the local area, the collection of stories reflects on alot of current issues including identity, cultural heritage and the occasional zombie decapatation. The over arching story focuses on the culmination of events which takes place after the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Here's a link to a blogpost with pics of issue 5:  http://www.uproarcomics.co.uk/blog/?p=119 

In addition to this, they are also releasing a book about Derry's Prize hero, Ameilia Earhart! The Earhart Book will be getting launched in the Tower Museum Derry and will be available for online purchase later that Day. Everyone is welcome to join us between 1-2pm and meet the writer, artist and the Uproar team and pick up a signed copy. Heres a link to some pages-  http://www.uproarcomics.co.uk/blog/?p=260

And if you're a writer or artist, and you want to submit your derry stories or a picture of that lovely undead couple from down the road...then get in touch as they are always looking for new talent! You can find out more about their open submissions policy here. http://www.uproarcomics.co.uk/submissions.html

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