Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Marrow Bones review

This is a new comic by artist and writer Eric Orchard and it is completely marvellous.
Bah, that didn’t last long… I was determined to write this review in a cool and detached manner but it is just so… good, that it’s all but impossible to do so.
So, briefly, this is the story of a young girl, Nora, who runs away from the horrible orphanage she lives in to stay with her uncle Barnaby in the swamps of Marrowbone. Oh, I should mention that Uncle Barnaby is a werewolf and the swamp is haunted and filled with all manner of dark creature.

Orchard has assembled a wonderful cast of characters here, from our plucky young lead to Ollie, a friendly and rather rubbish vampire by way of some genuinely creepy creatures and encounters.
Of course, all of these characters would be for nothing without an actual plot, and thankfully, Orchard is able to supply one of those, too. The story itself is a brief one, but it is fun, funny, scary and well told. The book is packed with additional material showing maps of the swamp and character studies of the various participants.
And as you can see from the images here, Orchard’s art is utterly charming. He has an astonishing style, and thankfully also understands how a comic page works and is able to tell a smoothly flowing story.
I cannot recommend this book enough, and am at a loss as to why Tim Burton has not already snapped up the movie rights.

The comic is available digitally from Orchards blog for a mere $2. Buy it HERE.

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