Thursday, 10 May 2012

Keegan Jask: Tales from Heaven-11

Straight from the pages of critically acclaimed science fiction annual ‘Omnivistascope’ comes
the collected tales of Keegan Jask in: Tales from the Heaven-11 written by Paul von Scott with art
by Leigh Shepherd
Keegan Jask is a space adventurer and raconteur operating from the Omega Bar of the Heaven-11 galactic
service station. There he recounts his incredible adventures, which are almost too good to be true...
Tales from the Heaven-11 is a 134 page paperback collection. It features all 8 stories from Omnivistascope plus an all new adventure, ‘Down among the Dead Men’. 

The book includes nearly 50 pages of extras! Including introductions from author, artist and Keegan Jask himself, Telling Tales - The Making of Keegan Jask, a 4 page sketchbook, Officer Flojag’s service logs, a
16-page ‘Jasklopaedia’ with over 300 entries on the world of Jask, the board game and 2-page role-playing game.
Keegan Jask - Tales from Heaven -11 launches at Bristol Comics Expo and is available on sale on Saturday 12th of May, marking ten years since the creators first appearance at the Bristol train sheds with the National Comic Award winning Solar Wind.

Thereafter the comic is available for £9.99 plus postage from: Contact
the author via e-mail:, or by post: Paul Scott, 13 Kiln Crescent, Bishop
Middleham, Ferryhill, County Durham, DL17 9AP. United Kingdom.

Acclaim for Omnivistascope

SFX Fanzine of the Month - (5 Times)
“What’s that you say? You didn’t know fanzines came this professional looking? No, neither did we, hence why we’re so impressed with Omnivistascope.”

Silver Bullet Comics – 4 Bullets out of 5!
“Omnivistascope is a highly polished and highly professional book, and is well worth a look by any fan of science fiction” – Kelvin Green

Down the Tubes -
Pick of the Week!
“It’s a great collection…featuring some great strips and art” – John Freeman

Comics International- 10 out of 10! 
“Resplendent self-published Sci-Fi Anthology”

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