Monday, 27 February 2012

Coming to Hi-Ex! 2012...

This year at Hi-Ex!, we will be bringing you something quite special that we’re sure you’ll have never seen before, but we know you’ll absolutely love.
Your kindly Hi-Ex! Team have, for the past few years, been honoured to be invited as guests to Octocon, the Irish National Sci-fi Convention in Dublin.
It was there that we first experienced John Vaughan and his awesome video vault of horror... and we loved it so much that we thought we’d spirit him across the sea  to bring his unique view on a cinema classic to these shores.
John Vaughan yesterday

Well, we say ‘classic’... John will take a famous, or should we say infamous, sci-fi film and subject it to his laser like gaze and take it apart from your not inconsiderable entertainment.
Trust us folks, you are all going to want to see this, and if you don’t you’ll be jealous of those lucky enough to get a seat in the theatre for the spectacle.
What is the movie, you say..? Well, that would be telling. But in the past, John has submitted such classics as Beastmaster and Hercules in New York to his forensic examination... who knows what he has lined up next..!

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