Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sugar Glider Stories review

We’re fans of Sugar Glider here, as you will know from our review of the previous book.
It’s always a risky proposition to start an ongoing series in the small press. Too many times they have been seen to start with a bang, only to fizzle out after an issue or two as the creators begin to realise the enormity of the task they are trying to carry out with little or no financial reward.
The Sugar Glider fellows have sidestepped this in a nice way with this edition by opening things up to other creators. This is, of course, both a blessing and a curse, as it can and does mean you invariably end up with a mixed bag of strips when it comes to quality.
However when they are good, they are very good, and when they are not so good they are just that. There are no ‘bad’ strips in this collection. Some of the art and writing is below a professional standard but the passion and enthusiasm is palpable throughout the book.
Also, for a superhero book, I should say that my favourite story was one that contains no superheroics at all and is, in fact, a group of people sitting at a table having a meal. Elsewhere, we get hints and clues to the Bigger Picture and discover a little more about Susie Sullivan and her glider suit which in turn sets things up nicely for future episodes.
This book is well worth you seeking it out, as it (and the previous issue) demonstrate brilliantly just how good, how creative and just how entertaining the British Small Press can be.

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