Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pandora's Box vol 5: Envy review

This, the fifth book in this series of self contained stories based around the seven deadly sins is, as you can see, riffing on the sin of envy.
Things start of fairly normally, as we watch Tibor and Eva go about their day and see them heading to work in a factory. This narrative is broken up by scenes of apparently unconnected storylines featuring a preacher and a firefighter.
While at work that day… and it is there that I will have to leave this description, because to tell any more will be close to spoilering the tale, and I do not want to do that.
There is a pretty big twist a short way into the book, and it’s a good one because I really should have seen it coming. Like all good twists, it is there for all to see from the off. But like all good writers, Alcante, along with the help of some stunning work for artist Alain Henriet, slips it past the reader.
What follows is a story that is in turn high octane adventure, spy thriller, romance and a good old fashioned heart breaker.
There is so much plot crammed into this book, and so may ideas, I found it amazing that they all fitted into the relatively short length of the volume.
For my sins (see what I did there?) I have not read the previous volumes in this series- but this was enough to make we want to hunt them down. And I know you’ll feel the same.
As mentioned briefly above, the art is great (as is always the case with Cinebook), but the colouring here, by Usagi, lifts things to an even higher level- and I have just, while typing this sentence, figured out why it has a predominately green palette!
So, once more I say- forget your superhero books for a moment, stop worrying about the DC reboot and treat yourself to something truly special.

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