Thursday, 14 July 2011

Doctor Who The Cold Equations review

You may remember that I enjoyed the previous Big Finish 1st Doctor and Stephen adventure, and that it ended on a note promising more to come.
Well, that promise has been made good with this latest Big Finish release.
As with The Perpetual Bond, this is narrated by Peter Purvis and co-stars Tom Allen as new companion Oliver, who gets some meat character work to get his teeth into.
At the end of the last adventure (Minor spoilers here people! Stop reading if you haven’t listened to it yet and skip to the next paragraph) Oliver came on board the TARDIS, and we got a hint that he was running from some dark secret… well, hin this story we find out what that secret it. And it provides a wonderful twist which is simultaneously very modern and old fashioned at the same time. I also found that it cast an interesting  light on Oliver’s character in The Perpetual Bond.
Purvis is, as always, excellent. And I really have to draw attention to his impression of the 1st Doctor, because it is pretty much spot on. There were many occasions while listening to this that I really thought I was hearing an unbroadcast story with Billy Hartnell himself.
It was also nice to see Stephen get to flex his astronaut muscles. The bulk of the second half of this story is dedicated to a fascinating and exciting scene where Stephen gets to actually be an astronaut. Pyramids of Mars is one of my favourite stories because the twist in the end works because of real science, and this one plays a similar trick, and, I have to say, does it just as successfully.
I loved this- in fact it is possibly one of my favourite Big Finish Whos ever. And when you consider the quality of the best of the previous releases from this company, you’ll know that this is no small praise.

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