Monday, 28 February 2011

Flesh Returns!

As high concepts go, Pat Mills's genius idea of having time-travelling cowboys harvesting dinosaur meat in prehistoric Earth for a hungry future populace must rank with the best of them!

After more than 30 years, one of very first strips to appear in 2000 AD is to return in bloodsplattering,
eon-spanning dinosaur-hunting glory.
Dino-terror classic Flesh is to return to the weekly comic with Prog 1724, out on 9 March.
Written by the series‟ original creator, Pat Mills, and drawn by James Mckay, the new series is the
long-awaited sequel to the much-loved original Flesh – part of the line-up in the very first issue of
2000 AD in 1977.

Penned by Mills and drawn by Spanish artist Boix, Flesh was a futuristic Western where timetravelling
ranchers farmed dinosaurs like cattle and sent their meat back to a hungry future.
The dinosaurs fought back and destroyed the Trans-Time base – the new series follows the survivors
as, stranded millions of years in the past, they are ordered to drive their herds across the prehistoric
American landscape to Texas – where another base promises safety ... and profit!
The new series will premiere with a stunning gatefold cover by Death’s Head II and Testament artist
Liam Sharp.

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