Monday, 6 December 2010

Doctor Who: The Book of Kells review

While the previous Big Finish adventure, Nevermore, was a literary one, this is that other Who classic- the historical.
And, being Irish, it is one that had me worrying a bit beforehand. I was prepared for a load of ‘Begorrah’ ‘Top of the mornin’ to ye’ ginger leprechauns- but thankfully this is not American TV.
The story has a good historical feel to it, which is, I suspect, not easy to do in audio alone.
So, as the title suggests, this story revolves around the Book of Kells and (is it a spoiler to mention something that is of historical record [I know people, for example, who got annoyed when told the end of 300… do you ever read a book?]) its mysterious disappearance and the equally mysterious circumstances it was found again in…
Reviewing this one is difficult, because while the first half of the adventure is pretty so-so and made be think I was getting my first duffer of the season, the second half lifts things considerably and in ways that make it impossible to say anything at all for fear of spoilering.
So I’ll limit myself to saying that I fell hook line and sinker for a rather spectacular red herring in there.
And I’ll mention the cast. Nick Brimble and the national treasure that is Graeme Garden are as brilliant as you would expect. But the one and only Jim Carter steals the show with his amazing presence and distinctive vocals.
And… gahh! There I go again, trying to talk about the plot… I can’t, but it’s brilliant and stick around until after the end theme.

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