Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Strip Magazine issue 1

We really should have mentioned this before,.
 but with things like power cuts and storms, we've been unable to get to the blog for a while. 
There is a brand new British anthology comic on the shelves!

It is called, as I am sure you all know, Strip Magazine, and we can tell you that it is well worth your time seeking out.

The variety of strips in there is great – there’s everything from contemporary war stories to ancient tales of daring do, by way of futuristic super spies and  everything inbetween.

But I suppose the ‘big’ news about this book, and I suspect the thing that will cause most dads of a certain age to pick it up for their children is the return of the classic Action strip Hookjaw.

This isn’t a new strip, but a reprint of the original series, which has been recoloured by Gary Caldwell and had a brand spanking new lettering job from Jim Campbell. Hookjaw certainly holds up well against the new strips, helped in no small part by the sheer lunacy of the premise!

I tried the book out on my two boys, and they both liked it. The stand out strips for them were the aforementioned Hookjaw and war series Black Ops Extreme. Because there is nothing young boys like more than explosions and giant man eating sharks.

Strip Magazine is available at your local comic shop. If they don’t have it then ask them to get it in for you, because this is a cracking new book and deserving of your support!


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