Thursday, 15 December 2011

Electric Man at Hi-Ex!

" An amusing hybrid of romantic comedy and hectic chase thriller. In it's brightest moments, Electric Man captures the intended vide of The Maltese Falcon meets The IT Crowd " - Allan Hunter, Screen

" A wonderfully twisty-turny comic caper, made and played with warmth, wit and genuine affection." - All Star Superman, Batman & Robin artist, Frank Quitely

At Hi-Ex in 2009, David Barras and Scott Mackay were here selling t-shirts, prints and artwork to finance their micro budget film Electric Man. We're happy to announce that to coincide with Hi-Ex 2012, Dave and Scott are back with the finished film. BAFTA nominated for it's screenplay, the film had it's world premiere in the US in September 2010 and this will represent one of the first chances for you to see the film in Scottish cinemas.  Electric Man is a new low budget Scottish film set in the world of comic books Jazz and Wolf own a run down comic shop in need of cash and when the ultra rare and valuable Electric Man Issue 1 , worth a hundred grand, turns up in their shop, they think it's the answer to their prayers. But they're not the only ones who want to get their hands on it. Enter crazed American comic collector Edison Bolt, psychotic Scotsman Uncle Jimmy and the strange, mysterious and beautiful Lauren McCall. Add Wolf's ex girlfriend to the mix and you've got a twisty turner comic caper that'll keep everyone guessing until the end. 

Eden Court - 30th and 31st March - with intro from Dave and Scott and Q & A after each screening. 

Dave and Scott will also be at Hi-Ex with all new merchandise from the film. 

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