Sunday, 9 October 2011

Orbital 4: Ravages review

If you recall my review of Vol 3, I bemoaned the fact that it ended at the point it did.
So it was with this in mind that I opened this volume, fully expecting it to pick up exactly where the last had left off. I should have known better.
There was a moment’s confusion for me as I had to pick up the threads of the story as it did not start where I assumed it was, and the book is all the better for it.
Reading through the book again I find myself being amazed at both the pace of the story and how that pace is maintained the entire length of the 56 pages.
Plot threads and hints that have been sown in the preceding books come together here and are woven together expertly by writer Sylvain Runberg.
Art and design by Serge Pellé is extraordinary, but I have already spoke about this in the previous review, so go there to find out what I thought of the art.
No, the big thing here is the story itself. It is strong and exciting and when the big villain is revealed it is a great moment. The reader is treated to some astonishing panels of art that leave the reader feeling disorientated and not knowing exactly what the hell is going on. It is one of those scenes that is just beggin to be recreated up there on the big screen.
 And as if that is not enough, the story contains at least one hefty gut punch for the reader who will, if they respond the same way I did, not quite believe what they are reading.

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