Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Doctor Who The Lost TV Episodes vol3 review pt4

Next up in this epic multi-part review of the latest box set from AudioGo is The Highlanders.

Well, of course this one was always going to appeal to us here ay HiEx!
This is only Troughton’s second time out at the Dcotor and in some ways he is still finding his feet in the role as the writers cast about for ideas, trying out this and that and, it seems, writing some aspects of the story to go with some of Troughton’s own talents.
I suspect, although I have no solid knowledge of the fact, that this is how we have the bizarre vision (or rather, audio) of the Doctor disguised as an old lady. Luckily, these scenes are great, with Troughton throwing himself into the who thing with obvious enthusiasm. And this enthusiasm seems to have spread throughout the rest of the cast.
Everyone seems to be having a ball here.
Of course, this is a notable story because it sees the introduction of a character who would go on to be one of the Doctor’s most popular companions: Jamie McCrimmon.

And of course there is the additional fun of having knowledge of the places where they are visiting. The Culloden battlefield site is just outside Inverness, for example. And the old jail is not far from Eden Court theatre, which of course hosts HiEx each year!
Ahem… sorry, that turned into a bit of a plug for HiEx!
But apart from that, this is a solid historical piece and an enjoyable romp to boot.

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