Friday, 24 June 2011

Doctor Who Ghost Light audiobook review

Ghost Light is (well for the ‘passionate’ Who fan) an interesting story.
It was the last ‘old Who’ story to be recorded, although not the final one to be broadcast. I was also struck while listening to this audiobook, just how similar it is to the new series.
What I mean is this: we seem to get a lot of folks complaining that there is an almost soap opera-ish element to the new series with its long story arcs and what have you. But these people seem to forget what was going on with the Seventh Doctor and Ace. There was a whole arc of stories dealing with the Doctor and his relationship with Ace, which more or less began with this adventure.

I suspect it was not supposed to culminate where it did (with the story 'Survival'), but the cancelling of the series soon after this made it this way. And yes, I know that it continued in the Virgin books range!
This is an adaptation of Marc Platt’s Target Books novelisation of his script, and as you may know, the book contains a lot more depth and breadth than the television version, including an interesting prologue section set in the 1980s…
In the novel and audiobook, Platt takes his time to explore the house at Gabriel Chase, and each character gets their place in the spotlight as the mystery around the house unfolds.
The atmosphere created by the writing, sound design and narration, which is by Ian Hogg, is second to none. My only complaint would be that, because this is very much the story of Ace, it may have been more suited to a female voice rather than a male one, but having said this- this is still a great audio, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this range of Audiogo Who adventures.

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