Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Vampire Vixens return!

Yes, after the triumphant first episode and their brief sojourn in the wilderness when they were temporarily cast out from Facebook, the Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht return in the latest issue of Wasted magazine.

If you haven't read the first episode, well, you really should be ashamed of yourself! Call yourself British?
But if you have, then you'll know what to expect with this one, and boy do they deliver! In a mission that even Indiana Jones would shy away from, our foxy lady and her British army chums are on a mission to infiltrate a Nazi witches coven and retrieve... well, something I cannot quite bring myself to mention here!
All you need to know that it is brilliantly written with just the right level of tongue in cheek humour and dreadful one liners by the mysterious Emperor, and the are by Alex Ronald is exquisite.

His figure drawing is excellent, and the lighting superb. Some- most- of the panels look photo real they are so well executed. This would sometimes be a negative in comic art, as photo real art tends to lean to the side of being static and lifeless, but not so here. The art is expressive and kinetic.

Also, I should add that it was only a few hours later, while lying in bed, that I clicked to the stupendously brilliant visual joke in the final couple of panels.

All in all, this is excellent stuff- seek it out!

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