Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bristol Comic Expo

Team Hi-Ex are heading to Bristol comic and Small Press Expo this weekend as usual.
We will be doing the important work of catching up with past and prospective guests for Hi-Ex. I'm sure we will have more news when we get back, Hi-Ex is always a hot topic of conversation at comic events, lets see who we can persuade to join us in 2012!

We will of course also be promoting our own work. Richmond with be with the FutureQuake Table 78 with Dave Evans over in the Mecure venue. Selling the latest quality comics from FQ Publications, including the much loved Dogbreath and Zarjaz fanzines. Its always a crowded table with developing artists bringing along portfolios and comic creators amateur and professional keep to snap up the latest work. Rich has done a write up over on the Forbidden Planet blog about the small pressers fun and games preparing for comic events.

Vicky will be at Table number 46 at the same venue with the 'Slaughterman's Creed' team. This event is the launch of this Graphic Novel published by Markosia. Its sold out the first run on pre-sales alone! Vicky was the colourist on the second half of the book and will be doing live sketching with penciller Stephen Downey. There are all sorts of good deals and artwork & book bundles for sale. There will also be lots of original comic art & prints for Sale.Vicky has also make some recycled comic bowls (just to make the comic collector's cry)

Back to the Slaughterman's Creed launch, Vicky will also be on a discussion panel "The task of Blood" at 12pm Sunday at the Mercure Hotel. The panel will be hosted by Scott Grandison of Comic Book Outsiders and recorded for a special edition of the podcast. Writer Cy Dethan will talk about the stories origins, Nic Wilkinson, designer & letterer, Stephen, Vicky and hopefully some of the other collaborators will explain how the artwork was designed to enhance the tension in this 'not-for-children' tale of meat and murder.

Vicky will also be appearing on the Saturday at a panel hosted by Hi-Ex 2010 guest Jaspre Bark, again in the Mercure at 12pm. This one is on 'Women, Politics and Cartooning' with panelists Lou McKeever ( Guardian etc ) and Kate Evans ( Independent & Guardian ).

on Sunday - 3 pm - Panel Room 2 (orange room) Richmond will be chairing  IT'S A "YES" FROM HIM, BUT IT'S A "NO" FROM ME.

'What gives a book the Com.x-factor? A discussion on how to make the most out of your submission, how to improve the quality of your pitching materials and an insight into what floats our publishing boat!

Thoughts and comments from Hi-Ex 2010 guests - Com.x publisher Eddie Deighton & Jon Sloan and insights and anecdotes from creator of acclaimed graphic novel [Forty-Five]45, Andi Ewington.' 

Rich is also on the 'Small Press, Big Ideas' panel- Sunday - 4 pm - Panel Room 1 (pink room)

'With the falling cost of producing comics and the rise of the internet as a tool for marketing and distributing comics, it's becoming more and more viable for creators to publish mainstream, commercially viable comics by themselves. These books share little in common with the more artistically driven labours-of-love that are traditionally associated with the small press so is it right that they are all classed under the same banner? We will examine whether there is a difference between a true small press book and a mainstream book that is printed in small numbers. Is it damaging creators and limiting ambition by creating an artificial underclass of comics? Is it time for up and coming creators to abandon the term 'small press' and just make comics? '

We hope to see many of you there, come and say hello!

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