Tuesday, 19 April 2011

HiEx 2012 dates announced!

We are delighted to at last be able to announce the dates for HiEx: The Highland International Comic Expo in Inverness for 2012!
The event will again be held in the magnificent setting of Eden Court Theatre on the banks of the Ness river, and will feature some of the most exciting guests and events you could wish for!
So… you’ll be wanting to know the dates then, will you?
Well, okay- we’ll be opening the doors on the morning of (thanks Ian!) Saturday the 31st March and the Expo will run through until the evening of April 1st!
We’ll be announcing more details as we get closer to the time (and believe us, it’s closer than you think!).
So keep watching the blog for news and we’ll see you next March!


  1. You can count on the Hell-Trekkers to be there Richmond & Vicky.
    At least this time we won't lose a valuable hour from the weekend, due to the clocks going forward!

  2. posters out soon and I can get my kids worked up at school! glad to see you back as it where...

  3. Love the picture with Judge Dredd and Nessie, well done guys!