Thursday, 25 April 2013

Doctor Who: Vengeance of the Stones

This being the 50th anniversary year of the greatest television show in history (note: may be some bias there), AudioGo have put together this ambitious series, which features a story thread that runs through a series of adventures, one for each of the Doctors incarnations.
This, as you can see from the picture, is the Third Doctor story. The first concern the casual listener may have is in picking up one of these without hearing the previous stories in the series. Will it be accessible and make sense?  I have not heard the first two, so I am in a position to answer that question.

And the answer is that you do not need to have heard the previous stories to enjoy this one. I’m sure that if I go back to this having heard the rest of them, I could probably pick up clues here and there, but this is very much a stand-alone story, albeit with a scene towards the end that is obviously there to lead into the fourth Doctor adventure.
As for the story itself, it is one that would be hard for Hi-Ex! to ignore, being that it is set here! It concerns RAF pilots flying out of the base at Lossiemouth, and name checks a lot of familiar locations in and around Inverness. It’s always a treat to hear places you know mentioned in a story, and gives it a nice added ;Easter Egg’. It is a well told and well read story. There is also a nice treat for long time Who fans, as it serves as something of an origin story for a fan favourite character from the Pertwee UNIT days. If I had one complaint, it would be the same one I have mentioned in a lot of reviews for Who adventures. And that is that I don’t know how we move on this island for all the crashed spaceships that seem to be on it… But if you can see through that complaint, this is a very good story indeed.

PS, if you’re reading this– congratulations on having got this far! You may have noticed that reviews and posts here have been thin on the ground for a while, and for that I can only apologise! It is proving to be difficult to write and post here regularly as I’m just one guy, so if you as sensible and competent and would like to write reviews or posts for the blog, please drop me a line!

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