Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bubble! A new tool for comic writers.

Comic writer Chris Lynch has come up with a rather spiffing new thing that other writers will find very useful.

So, here's a quick pretend interview with Chris all about the marvelous Bubble.

What is Bubble?

Bubble is an attempt to create a plain text format for writing comic book
scripts that is readable to the human eye and readily converts into the
"approved" comic book format (whenever someone decides what that is).

It was born out of my immense frustration with "screen writing" software
that does comics badly and the poor mobile versions that even the best of
these offer (Celtx, I am looking at *you*).

How do you use it?

The idea is that you can write Bubble format in any text editor you like, then convert it at the end. Right now you can only convert via my website, but I will be releasing the source code that does the conversions online and creating an API so that people can embed Bubble in their websites or applications.

What is the point?

The point is that I know far too many people who have spent good money on screen writing "applications". I myself have wasted far too much time trying different ones out, only to run aground on something I didn't like. All of that time should have been spent on *writing*.

I guess Bubble is there to lower the entry bar for new writers by giving them a simple tool that will take a drudgery out of blocking pages and panels in a word processer, and save them the money on Final Draft or anything like that. Not that Bubble is just for new writers, I'd love to hear from anyone established in the comics world who starts to use it and likes it, but I remember how the formatting of scripts haunted me in my early days. Maybe I have laid those ghosts to rest now...

You can find out more about Bubble at

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