Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Harry Harrison

It was a very sad thing this morning to wake up to the news that sci-fi author Harry Harrison had died.
Harry had been ill for some time, but this does make his passing any less tragic.
I had been fortunate enough to have met Harry a few times, through our mutual friend Michael Carroll. This led to one of the most surreal and incredible moment of my life. We were all out for a meal together and I found myself in a conversation about writing with Mike and Harry. I can’t remember what I said, but it was some observation on ‘how I write’... and I remember harry nodding in agreement to whatever it was I had said. I remember that, in my head, I was screaming – stop it! You can’t agree with me! You’re Harry Harrison! You know more about writing that I will ever know!
Harry was a magnificent man – even in his old age he was still vital, intelligent, sharp and... alive in a way I don’t see in people of my age or even younger.
RIP, Harry, you will truly be missed.

Richmond A Clements

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