Monday, 30 April 2012

Draw Into The Shadows: Try Out For The Unseen Shadows Team At Bristol Comic Expo

Unseen Shadows's sinister Kingpin has posted this over on the Unseen Shadows website:
Unseen Shadows is currently inviting submissions from artists (pencillers, colourists and inkers) for a number of stories.

I will be reviewing portfolios at the Bristol Comics Expo (12th -13th May) from the Unseen Shadows table throughout the weekend. If you cannot make the show this year, or would like to send submissions in advance for discussion on the day please send an email but please do not send any files over 5mb by email ( I realise that this may mean the images will be in low res but that’s fine). If the files are bigger than this please send a dropbox or largefile transfer link.
The stories in progress at the moment cover a wide variety of subject matter, and it is originality and quality that I’m looking for rather than any specific genre or art style. I would rather have something unusual, challenging, inventive, creative, and inspired than another version of something that is already out there. The writers who are currently scripting the stories will be working closely with me to select the artists we need.
There are no page rates available for Unseen Shadows work. Creators are offering their skills for free at this stage in the hope of this becoming something bigger and, of course, for love of the material. All money taken from sales is put back into the company for further development and promotion. Right now consider this a way to reach an international audience as part of an already very successful transmedia project. Take a look at some of these links to see some of what we’ve already achieved here at Unseen Shadows.
What do you need to show me?
I need  to see sequentials as well as pin ups (unless you want to be purely a cover artist – which is fine, but let me know that).
What formats you work in – traditional media, digital etc.
Whether you work in colour or black and white.
If you are submitting to be an inker or colourist then we need to see copies of the underlying pencils as well as your work.
Finally one of the most important things is to let us know the length of story to which you feel you can realistically commit. Unseen Shadows has comics projects of all different lengths from short stories to graphic novel length books.

I appreciate that indie artists are showing incredible dedication by working on their comics alongside day jobs and other commitments, but if I like your work enough to publish I will work with you to agree a schedule that suits all parties.
As an indie creator myself I appreciate that making submissions can be difficult and nerve-wracking. I will look at everything I receive, and although it may take time, respond to everyone. The important thing to remember is that your work may be great, and I may personally love it, but it sometimes will just not be what I’m looking for right now, but I will keep your details on file for when I need that just that style.
If you would like to see examples of some of the Unseen Shadows projects to date, to get a feel for the type of styles that have been used, and the levels of technical expertise needed, have a look at these previews  and the preview from the Fallen Heroes Comic Adaptation. Don’t feel constrained by what you see. The Unseen Shadows universe is vast and I will be needing lots of different styles in future.
Have a look around the website to explore some of the other transmedia elements that are being developed.
If you have any questions beforehand please get in touch at

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