Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Darwin's Diaries 2: Death of a Beast review

You may recall that we reviewed the first volume of this Cinebook series here.
Part 2 picks off almost immediately where the first one ended, dropping the reader right into the aftermath of the incredible events that were the climax of Part 1.
We follow Darwin as he continues to investigate the mysterious beast that is hunting in the Yorkshire countryside.
And in that investigation you will get shocks aplenty in Sylvain Runberg's script. There is a lot of blood shed during the course of this volume, including one particularly powerful and memorable scene with a couple of unfortunate fellows on horseback.
I should mention the art by Eduardo Ocana here. It is, if anything, even better than it was in volume one. There are a few sections in there that are silent which really help the reader slow down and drink in the enormous detail and subtle colour in the book.
Ocana also excels in one particular scene, but one which I cannot talk about too much for fear of spoilers. But I will say that his creature design is genuinely the stuff of nightmares.
You’ll also remember me hinting at some surprising behaviour from Charles Darwin in the first book. Well, he’s at it again here, but this time we get more of a hint as to why he’s doing it, and along the way get one of the best cliff-hanger endings I have encountered in a long time.

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