Friday, 22 October 2010

Welcome to the Hi-Ex Blog!

Welcome to the new Hi-Ex Blog!

As you may already know, we have sadly had to cancel the Hi-Ex 2011 weekend event. But so there isn't a massive thrill vacuum in the North, we thought we'd use the power of blogging to bring you news, views, links and musings to keep you going throughout the year.

Of course the Venn diagram of comics and other media is rather blurry so we will also be blogging about films, games, science-fiction, fantasy, Manga, gaming, books, and all things we deem good.

In 2011 we hope to put on a day of comic workshops and other events. We hope to continue fundraising for the wonderful
'Children 1st' especially after our recent visit to their Family support centre on the Black Isle, Vicky blogged about it here.

In 2012 we will bring you the full weekend convention style event, by hook or by crook.

So what are Rich & Vicky doing that makes them so busy that they can't put on or fund raise for a 2011 convention?

Many projects! some are top secret, but in the meantime we can reveal:

Vicky has an
Exhibition on at Inverness airport until after Christmas of representational figurative paintings.

They are freshly returned from being guests at the Irish National Science Fiction convention
(George R R Martin & Richmond discuss 'working in other peoples worlds' at Octocon )

Vicky has an illustration in the lovely shiny new book, Sci-Fi Now edited by John Freeman.
She has also been colouring
'Slaughtermans Creed' a book due out soon with Markosia.
Rich is working on a number of books- but his two part series Turning Tiger has just been released in digital comic by
Renegade Arts Entertainment.

We are also heading down to Leeds for the
Thought Bubble convention in November. Rich will be selling the mighty range of Futurequake productions and Vicky will be doing an Eco Mini-comics workshop on the Sunday.

We will be putting up all the gossip & news from previous and potential Hi-Ex Guests and exhibitors here, so if you have something to tell us about please get in touch !

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